Serving North Metro Atlanta

Nancy Wallace is the proprietor of Wallace Gardens.  She has been familiarizing herself and writing about Southeastern horticulture since 1992, discovering that each year presents new challenges in and out of the garden.  Wallace Gardens offers consultation services and garden design plans, custom container gardens, full design implementation and garden renovation services.



Garden Design Services

Meet with the Designer. 

Services are billed an an hourly rate with a 1.5 hour minimum. Travel outside of Gwinnett Co. is billed at an hourly rate, each direction, with a 2-hour round-trip minimum. 

What Can You Expect?  

Design plans are priced upon the complexity of the design. Field drawings (11” x 17”) are prepared onsite and turned over to the client upon completion of the consultation. Payment is due at the conclusion of the consultation. Most plans take between 1.5 and 3 hours to complete. If a to-scale drawing is required, those plans will be completed as time permits (deposit required). 

The designer will take notes for you, write down suggestions, tips, names of plants (common name & botanical names), provide guidance on transplanting, appropriate substitutions, pruning advice, drainage solutions, and more. These notes will be turned over to you at the end of the consultation, along with your field drawing. 

If the project requires the services of a licensed landscape architect or engineer, a referral can be provided to you. 

Plant Materials:

The designer visits local nurseries on a regular basis and is familiar with the best materials and the newest trends in the area. 

Container Gardens:
Our specialty. We use the best soil amendments, flora, and foliage for every container garden. Each container is designed according to placement, exposure to the elements, seasonal availability, and client preference. We offer a selection of garden containers from which to choose, or we can refill your existing containers and place them around your home for maximum visual enhancement. Seasonal replacement services and weekly maintenance also available in certain areas.  Custom-order minimum for onsite installations.

Landscape Installation and Renovation Services:
Available upon request and as the season permits. Please request a quote. Wallace Gardens does not guarantee plant materials once they are installed in your landscape, for a variety of reasons. At least two walk-throughs of your landscape will be provided upon completion of the installation to review horticultural care and practices.